Unemployment in India

Unemployment In India
The problem of unemployment means the problem of providing work to adults of the society. A lot of people, who are willing to do it and’re effective at work, roam with no job. Therefore the problem has assumed a serious kind. There’s a lot of those who are partly employed or wholly unemployed. People, and of their families lives, are miserable. Let’s first examine before talking about the ways and methods of solving this problem. It is an undeniable fact that ours is a nation that is densely populated. The population is growing by leaps and bounds. But jobs and gainful avenues can’t be created in the same proportion.

Therefore, naturally, a large section of the individuals is left unemployed. Furthermore, our education system is also accountable for this problem. The problem of unemployment is peculiar to India. Every year thousands of graduates pass out of colleges and schools. They’re unfit for any work. Many of them have no more than 10th pass or 12th pass qualifications. All of them can’t be absorbed in services. This increases employment. The problem of unemployment is an economic one. We should provide avenues for employment through cottage and small scale businesses for them. On family planning, stress must be laid besides this. Every attempt must be made to check the rise. This may assist a whole lot in the solution of this problem. 

Stress should be laid on professional and specialized instruction. The bookish instruction which produces clerks should be limited. When people get instruction services won’t be hankered after by them on finishing their schooling, they’ll come out ready to stand on their own legs that are very. If this proposal is implemented the problem will be solved. Our joint family system is progressively breaking down. This will be a good social change from certain viewpoints, but front the viewpoint of unemployment it’s harmful. Whenever we live jointly, some members of the family get employed in family professions. One who gets a job, supports others who might not be equally fortunate. 

We shouldn’t be hasty in breaking down this system. Our country can’t advance economically, politically, or socially, unless this issue is solved. Many a social evil is tempting for the unemployed. Frustration, drug dependence, even suicides are, by and large, that the evil results of unemployment. Unrest and disorder increase in society. Nevertheless, we might stress again that the problem can’t be solved till the population explosion isn’t checked. The two are closely inter connected, and the people need to be made to realize this through and adequate procedure for social education.